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Sam Thompson has outed his sister Louise's social media secret
She won't be happy with this.

She won't be happy with this.

Louise Thompson is currently on holidays with her boyfriend Ryan. Instead of just going and enjoying their break, she's sharing the entire trip on social media.

From their day time excursions, meals at night, frolicking on the beach, work outs, down time and romantic moments - she's documented them all.

Sippin' on green tea ? in our private #jacuzzi

A photo posted by Louise Thompson (@louise.thompson) on


We almost feel like we've been on holidays with them she's shared so many photos.

We hadn't really thought about it too much but with all the photos flooding in it did beg the question, who was taking them? Ryan is in quite a lot and even when he isn't they look so professional and well framed.

The key word there is professional.

Yes, that's right, she brought a professional photographer on holidays with her to take professional pictures that she could then upload to Instagram.

We have her brother Sam to thank for this news who sneakily took a behind the scenes photo which he then shared on his Instagram story.

You can bet he'll be in trouble for that.


You can bet he'll be in trouble for that.

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