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This can't be true?

Saoirse Ronan won her first Golden Globe on Sunday. Taking to the stage to collect her award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture for her role in Ladybird, she gave a shout out to her mam, who she said was on Facetime for the awards.

She also said thank you to her friend Eileen who joined her for the event. Eileen and Saoirse starred together in the movie Brooklyn and have been friends ever since.

But while Eileen was a lovely date on the night, people had wondered why Saoirse's mam wasn't at the awards, given that her daughter was tipped to win.

Now, it appears we know the answer and her reason for not going is pretty bonkers. It turns out she was minding the family dog.

Saoirse was chatting to Jimmy Kimmel when she said,:

"She’s not here right now because she’s at home looking after Fran. Fran has become the priority for mam. Like, she passed up on the Golden Globes to look after Fran so..."

We know dogs are a massive part of families but to miss such a big event is a bit mad.


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