SATC fans are convinced Samantha will make a cameo in Emily in Paris 5 months ago

SATC fans are convinced Samantha will make a cameo in Emily in Paris

Make. It. Happen.

The past few weeks have seen Sex and the City fans become positively glued to the show's glossy reboot, And Just Like That....


Week after week, we've been tuning in to follow along with Carrie and her pals Charlotte and Miranda as they navigate their metropolitan lives all these years later.

While the show has us hooked, many fans have also noted the absence of Kim Cattrall, who played the iconic Samantha Jones throughout the series' run.

Cattrall herself has made it clear that she has "had enough" Sex and the City after two films, and isn't interested in being part of the reboot. However, the showrunners have said that the door is open for Cattrall's return, should she change her mind.

In the series itself, Samantha has relocated to London, after falling out with Carrie and the girls. However, her character hasn't been entirely missing from the action. Following the death of Carrie's husband Big, Samantha sent her former friend a gorgeous floral arrangement. And, in the latest episode, Carrie lets Samantha know that she mentions her on her podcast.


After sharing an anecdote in which Samantha helped Carrie after she got her diaphragm stuck, the PR agent tells Carrie that it was one of her "finest hours".

The text exchange continues playfully, but falls short of any sort of reconciliation.

Since the latest episode aired, however, many fans are holding onto hope that if Samantha doesn't return for season two of And Just Like That..., perhaps she could make a cameo on another glamorous TV show.


That's right, many believe that Samantha would be a perfect fit for season three of Emily in Paris, and to be honest, it makes sense. Both Samantha and Emily are in similar fields, and geographically, a Eurostar train-ride is the only thing that separates them.

Many fans took to Twitter to share their desire for the crossover.

One wrote: "Current theory: Samantha has supposedly moved overseas, hence her lack of presence in the new SATC TV series. Then she shows up by total surprise in a crossover episode of Emily in Paris.

"I would watch Samantha try to tolerate Emily, 100 percent."


Another shared: "It would be wild if Emily went to see Alfie in London and ran into Samantha Jones."

Whether or not such a crossover is likely remains to be seen, but we will be keeping our fingers crossed in any case.

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