Say what?! Caroline Flack has a twin sister and this is news to us 4 years ago

Say what?! Caroline Flack has a twin sister and this is news to us

No way.

Caroline Flack announced her engagement to Andrew Brady, her boyfriend of three months, over the weekend and it came as a shock to many.


The former X Factor presenter shared the news on her Instagram account and unsurprisingly, the post received a major reaction as people expressed their surprise.

It's since come to light that Caroline has a twin sister named Jody, a fact that's sure to be of interest to her many fans.


Caroline is 38-years-old and from time to time, she shares tributes to her family on social media, including some adorable birthday messages to her twin.

No bond like twin bond .... @jodyflack ❤️( maybe James Bond )

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Jody is a mother of three, two girls and a boy, and unlike her famous sister, she stays out of the limelight.


In a previous conversation with The Express, Caroline said:

"Jody is a mum with three beautiful children, so we have completely different lives, but we each enjoy the other's life vicariously".

The Love Island host is delighted to have a twin too, saying that she and Jody have always been very close.

"I’m very lucky to have a twin. We're very close - we shared a bed until we were four and we were in the same class at school - but we're quite different".


Last night, Caroline took to Twitter to ask people to refrain from criticising her engagement to Andrew (27).

He became famous after appearing on last year's series of The Apprentice and went on to take part in Celebrity Big Brother.

Caroline said that while no one is perfect, Andrew is "lovely" to her and asked that people just "let it be".