Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn wants her own show ASAP, and yeah same tbh 2 weeks ago

Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn wants her own show ASAP, and yeah same tbh

Give the woman what she wants.

Christine Quinn has demanded her own show, which is funny considering she's already got one on Netflix - it's called Selling Sunset and she's been carrying it for the past two seasons.

The realtor, reality TV star, and all-round incredible personality, has very much emerged as the star of the property show; chatting shit, selling houses, and blasting everyone away with a snow machine during her absurdly lavish wedding.

She's an incredible watch, and we simply need more of her. And lucky for us (and everybody else on this earth), Christine is seemingly in the market for her own Selling Sunset spin-off show.

Make it happen @ Netflix.

"A spin-off solo show would be a great idea," Christine told Vogue. "I’m so tired of sharing screen time with those five other bitches — I’m done. Give me my own show already!”

Announcing her plans to start a business of her own, she said that selling houses is likely going to be a part of her career forever.

“Real estate will always be a part of my life because it’s something I love and it’s something you can do under your own steam," she said.

"I’m starting a new business of my own—the details are to be confirmed because I’m working on my branding, visual and verbal identity.

"Inclusivity and diversity are important to me, so I want to work on all of those aspects that come with having a company before I throw something into the world."

The realtor, whose marriage to retired tech entrepreneur Christian Richard dominated the season finale of season three, added that although she has a rich husband, she made her first million long before she met him.

According to Christine, you need to "build your own castle."

"I knew I wanted to meet a rich husband, but first I wanted to be my own rich husband," she said. "I wanted to work hard, be independently wealthy and be a self-made millionaire—which I did.

"Once I was financially secure, I was ready to meet someone on my own level. It’s so important to have your own foundation first. You can have a rich husband and make your own money too.”

Noted. Cheers, Christine.