Sex And The City Was Based On Real-Life Events 5 years ago

Sex And The City Was Based On Real-Life Events

We know it's eleven years since Sex and The City finished but we still miss it.

The girls imparted a number of life lessons but we had no idea that their escapades were based on real-life happenings.


Cynthia Nixon, aka Miranda, was recently interviewed by IMDb and said that every single story was based on something that happened in real life.

Miranda = legend

"They had a rule in the writer's room that nothing, they couldn't put anything in an episode that didn’t literally happen to someone in the writers’ room or someone they knew first-hand," said Cynthia.

“It couldn’t be my father’s brother’s sister’s shoe repair guy, the outlandish sexual, physical things that happened...really did happen" she continued.

So this means the Post-It breakup was TRUE. We don't know where to go from here.