'She's mesmerising' - Is it finally Saoirse's turn to get the Oscar? 1 year ago

'She's mesmerising' - Is it finally Saoirse's turn to get the Oscar?

Oscar nominations are out tomorrow and WE.ARE.BUZZING.

It's that time of year again where we all sit back, relax and watch far more talented individuals be recognised for their esteemed talent.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen it's awards season! And arguably the most famous event is careening towards us as we speak. The Oscars will be coming to a screen near you on February 24th, but first, it's nomination time.

Call us biased, but the Irish (once again) have a tremendous horse in the race in the form of Saoirse Ronan. Let's take a quick look at the facts on why we think she should get the nod:

  • The woman is 24 years of age and has been nominated for an Oscar 3 times
  • She's Irish (we're not biased)
  • A finer portrayal of 'Mary, Queen of Scots' we've yet to see
  • She's Irish (we're not biased)
  • She was robbed and should have won for Lady Bird
  • She's Irish (we're not biased)

Enough said you say? We agree...


Ok, there's a hint of bias slipping through I'll admit, so just to keep everyone happy with a more in-depth analysis; we're bringing in the big guns on this week's episode of Girls With Goals.

Film critics Cara O'Doherty and Chris Wasser join me on this week's show as we talk through some last minute predictions, shockingly awful remakes, and POWERFUL women. There also may be a section fully dedicated to discussing the crucial issue of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle remake (look, it has to happen).

Click play to listen below:

It's not all about movies this week, mentalist and magician Keith Barry also joins us and manages to thoroughly and completely freak us out. Listen in at 21.50 to hear how Keith taught Woody Harrelson the art of mind-reading, how we're all completely influenced without even realising it and we find out ONCE AND FOR ALL is magic real?


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