Simon Bird has broken all Inbetweeners fan's hearts 3 years ago

Simon Bird has broken all Inbetweeners fan's hearts


After three seasons and two movies it looks like we can say goodbye to The Inbetweeners. Simon Bird, one of the main actors, has confirmed that there will be no more from the boys.


When he was speaking with The Guardian, Simon said:

"I can confirm The Inbetweeners is over."

A sentence fans were dreading to hear.

He did add:

"I feel that happens a lot with British comedies. They’re short-lived but make a big impression. We’re used to American comedies where you blink and suddenly there’s been 150 episodes of The Big Bang Theory but it’s a different system here.

There’s no writers’ rooms. Sitcoms tend to be very authored, the visions of their creators, who write every word. It’s difficult to write one episode, so to write 18 is a superhuman feat.

To fans, it feels like there’s more because they’ve gone back and watched them so many times, which is humbling.”