Simon Cowell reveals a welcome change to X Factor 2017 4 years ago

Simon Cowell reveals a welcome change to X Factor 2017

September is just days away and although that means saying goodbye to summer, the good news is there are a lot of new TV shows on the way.

Love it or hate it, The X Factor still has a huge fan following and Simon Cowell is determined to get viewer ratings up again this year.


This involves a whole new look for the competition and there's one change that stands out, the fact that he wants to see more contestants singing original songs this year.

Although previously, covers of ballads and iconic songs have dominated each week, the head judge wants to shake things up for the incoming season.

Below is a little clip of what we can expect when the audition stages of the show start this weekend and despite the fact people say that they're bored of it, we have a feeling it will be just as popular this year.

A couple of weeks back, we found out that there will only be six live shows instead of ten so it seems that change is the key theme of the 2017 series.

It's also been rumoured that there will be a clampdown on novelty acts getting to the later stages of the singing competition and it will be interesting to see how this pans out.

Although there have been negative reviews of The X Factor in recent years, perhaps these changes will breathe new life into a show that's about to start its fourteenth season.


Roll on Saturday evening...