#SPON: There's an Irish found footage horror movie going live on Instagram Stories tonight 4 months ago

#SPON: There's an Irish found footage horror movie going live on Instagram Stories tonight

Harrowing content.

Halloween is, like everything else in this godforsaken world, going to be a little different this year.


There'll be no trick or treating. There'll be very little dressing up. You won't be able to get mangled in the club dressed as a sexy Carole Baskin.

But just because Covid has all but ruined our entire lives, that doesn't mean that we still can't have fun. Right?

This evening, a mere two sleeps away from the big day itself, an Irish made found footage horror movie is launching on none other than Instagram Stories.

The film, aptly named #SPON, details the dark side of influencer culture, and what could happen to those who ask for free shit in exchange for exposure.

Starring comedian Hannah Mamalis and created by entertainment agency Showrunner as part of Verve, the film follows a fictional influencer who uses her social clout to blag a free stay at a hotel.

Her stay, however, soon becomes creepier and creepier by the post, as she documents the strange and scary happenings to her followers in seemingly real time.


Showrunner's Sam Moorhead says that the film will turn Instagram into a literal horror story.

“The film is a playful - yet terrifying - take on modern influencer culture, and the familiar issue of asking for free stuff in exchange for exposure," he says.

"We wanted to tell this story in an influencer’s natural habitat, and make a literal Instagram horror story, in a space which hasn’t been fully utilised for narratives.”

#SPON goes live tonight (Thursday, Oct 29), on the @verve_showrunner Instagram page at 5pm. The full film will be available to watch back on IGTV from tomorrow.

You can check out the trailer here: