The 10 most upsetting moments of the Great British Bake Off ranked 2 years ago

The 10 most upsetting moments of the Great British Bake Off ranked

The Great British Bake Off is now on Netflix.

If you weren't aware of that little tidbit of information, please take a couple of hours (or days) to catch up on the Mary Berry-based goodness you've been missing.


It's a great time to be alive, and seeing as we've been religiously watching the entire series from the beginning for the past few weeks now, we've taken stock of all the horrendous, upsetting, and melting moments as they occur.

So, naturally, we've compiled a list of them and ranked them from 10 to 1.

10. Sue leans on muffins 

Sue and Mel generally aren't allowed to help or hinder the GBBO bakers in any way.

Sure, however, broke that rule back in series four when she accidentally leaned her elbow on Howard's English muffins.

We'd like to say he took it quite well... but he didn't, exclaiming "Oh no, has that been leaned on?" before looking very stressed out, indeed.


We don't blame him, to be honest.

9. Mat puts the icing in the oven 

During a technical challenge in which contestants had to make a tennis court cake, Mat tried his best.

He really did.

Unfortunately that best left him with a vividly green fondant, a baked (?) piece of icing, and a middle that was entirely raw.


Ah, god.

8. Salt v sugar 

In series three of the competition, John accidentally used salt instead of sugar during the technical challenge.


In some rum babas.


Needless to say, his questionable creation was inedible and Paul Hollywood was disgusted.


John went on to actually win the show though so, you know, it couldn't have tasted that bad.

7. Marie realises she hasn't got the oven on 

The gif says it all, really...

6. Catherine's dough on the ground 

Nothing worse than a bit of ground dough, wha?

The second series of GBBO saw Catherine try to be Paul Hollywood and throw her dough around a bit. Instead she full on just dropped it on the floor though and had to serve Mary some green carpet.


5. Danny's dropped shi-... chocolate

Back in series three, Danny was in a bit of rush with her chocolate puds.

Naturally, she took them out of the oven pretty quickly... and then dropped them, leaving her two short of the necessary six.

4. Alvin apologising for his soggy bottom 

Enough said.

3. When Selasi didn't win

Just a generally upsetting moment, like.

He wasn't the best baker in the tent that year but he was definitely the smoothest - and at the end of the day, that's what counts really.

2. Dorret's collapsed cake 

This was a grim one.

In series six of Bake Off (the greatest series, might we add), Dorret tried to make a Black Forrest Gateaux.

However she, of course, didn't give it enough time to set and it collapsed unceremoniously as she took it out of its mould.

Genuinely heartbreaking.

1. Iain's Baked Alaska 

Look, you can't talk about upsetting GBBO moments without mentioning Iain's Baked Alaska.

Or his lack of Baked Alaska, really.

This debaucherous moment occurred in series five when Diana decided to take Iain's ice cream out of the freezer to make room for her own resulting in his dessert being a literal mess.

It was so much of a mess he threw it in the bin and then presented the bin to the judges.

So grim, Iain.

Never forget.