Fans of The Chase were absolutely fuming over last night's episode 1 year ago

Fans of The Chase were absolutely fuming over last night's episode


People who watch The Chase (myself included) are pretty loyal.

Viewers look forward to new episodes of the iconic quiz show each evening.

However, last night fans were left pretty annoyed.

Basically, viewers of The Chase sat down last night to watch what they thought would be a new episode.

However, people quickly realised that the episode, an Emmerdale Celebrity Special, had aired before.

Mark Charnock, Charley Webb, Matthew Wolfenden and Amy Walsh all appeared on the popular show in November 2018.

So you see, people were fuming that they didn't get a fresh episode.

And as usually, disgruntled viewers to to Twitter to voice their grievances.

One viewer said: "What’s this, #TheChase replaced by an old celeb one? Nooo!"

"Celebrity specials are my favourite but not if i've already seen them before now," said another.

A third said: "I’ve already watched this episode. where’s my new episode?"

the chase

It seems as though many people actually switched over to Pointless, rather than watching the re-run of The Chase. 

One Twitter user wrote: "What the hell? Emmerdale Special ? Sorry. Don’t do ‘Celebrity’ Quiz Show versions.....Pointless it is then. Hello BBC1."

Another added: "#thechase oh yeah boring celebrity versions all week time to rediscover #Pointless"

Well, they sure got their point across anyway.