The Line-Up For The Graham Norton Show Is Here 7 years ago

The Line-Up For The Graham Norton Show Is Here

There's an 007 theme to tonight's Graham Norton show as the main cast members from Spectre dropped by to chat to about the film's release.

The film's stars Daniel Craig, Naomi Harris, Christoph Waltz and Sam Smith, who provided the film's theme tune, gave our very own Corkonian the down low on the latest Bond release.


Daniel Craig is a guest on tonight's show

Daniel said that while Skyfall was good, this film had to be better: “Sam Mendes [the film's director] set something in motion with Skyfall and we made a lot of money on that movie.

"It was very successful, which is a high-class problem to have but we had to make this one better".

Chatting about Spectre, Craig said: “We just wanted to make the best film we could, which meant going to the best locations and making it as glamorous as we could, we threw the kitchen sink at it".

Naomi Harris (Miss Moneypenney) said that filming Spectre wasn't as glamorous as Skyfall, which involved three months filming in Turkey while Sam Smith performed Writing on the Wall.


Naomie Harris plays Miss Moneypenny

Tonight's show is a must for any Bond fan, catch it on BBC at 10:35 p.m