There's a massive plot hole in The Holiday and it's fairly obvious 5 years ago

There's a massive plot hole in The Holiday and it's fairly obvious

It's not every day that you get to blast the continuity of a popular Christmas film...

There a plenty of festive favs out there that people enjoy to watch over the Christmas break.


A lot of them, understandably, also tear families apart due to the fact that nobody can figure out if they are Good Films or not.

Think Love Actually, Nativity, and... Love Actually again.

The Holiday also falls into this category and although here at Her we believe that the movie is nothing short of a masterpiece, there are others out there who refuse to entertain the notion that The Holiday is anything but total crap.

But whatever, yeah okay, everyone's entitled to their (wrong) opinion, we guess.


There is one observation about The Holiday though that has recently come to our attention and it's pretty hard to ignore considering it's a fairly glaring plot hole.

And that's that the timeline within the movie just does not make sense at all.

Like, at all.


This issue was made apparent recently by Cosmopolitan writer Claire Hodgson who discovered that the film literally makes zero sense.

When you actually pay attention to when events are supposed to be happening in relation to the few dates given to the film's audience, The Holiday becomes a bit of a mess really.

First off, Hodgson assumes that the film starts somewhere around December 22 due to the fact that there's a Christmas party on and Iris is finishing up for the holidays.



However, Amanda is then working on a trailer for a movie that's supposed to be coming out on Christmas day... and yet it's definitely late December.

Why is it taking her so long to make that trailer?

Have we travelled back in time?

Will that movie ever get released?


Things only get more confusing then as both women end up in their respective locations and essentially a load of days occur in the vague lead up to Christmas except for actual Christmas Eve and day.

At one point, Amanda even tells Graham that she's "leaving in nine days" and seeing as she already admitted that she wasn't going to the stay in the UK longer than New Year's Eve, that must mean that we're somewhere back at December 21.


Eventually, Christmas Eve does occur and then suddenly it's New Year's Eve and everybody is having a grand old time so it's fine but still, who okay-ed this timeline?

Are they okay?

Should someone be notified?

Despite all this confusion though, one thing does remain constant throughout The Holiday. 

... The fact that it's an absolute masterpiece.