There’s a new Love Island style show starting VERY soon and Danny Dyer is hosting 2 years ago

There’s a new Love Island style show starting VERY soon and Danny Dyer is hosting

And you know we'll be watching.

Gals, we’re not going to lie – the thought of Love Island ending in just over a week has us very upset.


Yep, having spent the last seven weeks blissfully criticising the love lives of everyone else, we now have to go back to taking a good stern look at our own.


However, aside from the fact that Love Island Australia airs pretty much straight away after this season ends, there’s another show that we think we’re definitely going to find time for.

Danny Dyer has signed up to be the voiceover on a new Love Island-esque reality show on MTV and if that's not enough to convince you, we don't know what is.

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Yep, Dani’s dad is giving her a run for her (soon to be earned) money and we’re buzzing for it.

The show is called True Love Or True Lies? and will be hosted by Maya Jama.


Kicking off on August 6, the show will see six loved-up couples arrive in a villa in Italy (seeing the similarities yet?) thinking they’re in for a chance to be crowned The Perfect Couple and take home £50,000.

BUT what they don’t know is that in among them are fake couples pretending to be perfect in the hopes of stealing the cash prize for themselves.

Each night, the couples will have to weed out who the liars are, with the overall prize growing by £10,000 each time they guess correctly.

We know – CLASS, right?


And what’s even better than all that relationship drama than it all being narrated by the ultimate legend, Danny Dyer.

Right, that’s it, say goodbye to another eight weeks of your life because we've got this AND Love Island Aus to enjoy now.