You season three comes to Netflix on Friday - here are 5 things bound to happen 3 months ago

You season three comes to Netflix on Friday - here are 5 things bound to happen

We definitely haven't seen the last of that baseball cap.

After months of anticipation, the third season of YOU finally lands on Netflix this Friday, 15 October, and we cannot wait.


As we prepare ourselves for Joe and Love's creepy antics, we know, by this stage, that there are a few things that are just bound to happen in the next installment of this hugely popular show.

1. Joe will don the world's worst disguise

Despite knowing how to get away with heinous crimes, Joe's use of disguise is pretty pathetic. Our leading man has a particular penchant for a baseball hat, which he seems to believe makes him invisible. The hat does nothing, we can still see you, Joe hun.

2. There'll be a new obsession on the horizon

To date, each season of YOU has had a focus point. Joe's obsession in season one was Beck, and he then transferred his attention to Love. During the season two finale, it seemed an unseen woman - his next-door neighbour - was his new obsession, and fan theories are already buzzing over who she may be.


3. Joe's past will catch up with him

Joe has quite the body count, and so does Love. While they seem to have gotten away with it so far, it surely can't stay that way? Someone's bound to do some digging, and sooner or later, these two will have to reconcile with what they've done.

4. There will be twists a plenty

In the past, YOU has delivered on some pretty shocking twists - and we're here for it. Few of us could have predicted Love's darker side coming to the fore, and one thing's for certain - there's bound to be some surprises in store.


5. We'll see Joe and Love adapt to parenthood

A huge plot point for season 3 of YOU is Joe and Love's newfound roles as parents. The trailer makes it very clear that Joe does not want his son to follow in his father's example - but will he succeed in bringing him up right? That remains to be seen.