This Tom Hardy Bedtime Stories clip with his late dog is too much 5 years ago

This Tom Hardy Bedtime Stories clip with his late dog is too much

Ah, stop.

For the past few months, Tom Hardy has been delighting children and parents (and just about everybody, really) with his glorious Bedtime Stories.


The actor has been getting kids all around the country to go to sleep with his delightful tales and we honestly don't blame them.

With that soothing voice and snuggly blanket, we'd almost be ready to drop off ourselves.

That is if we weren't watching Tom Hardy.

Today, the teaser clip for Hardy's final Bedtime Story was released, and we can't cope with the cute.


The Dunkirk actor can be seen cuddled up beside his late dog, Woody, with another fluffy plush animal on his lap.

In the clip, Hardy tells viewers to “...go on an adventure of your own. In your dreams."


“So, cuddle up to your snuggly friends and drift off to sleep…  Sweet dreams.”

Woody passed away at the age of six a few months ago. Hardy posted an emotional tribute to his dog then, calling him his "best friend."

The actor has reportedly stated that this final Bedtime Story will be a fitting tribute to the dog's memory.

The story in question, Fleabag, is about a young boy who befriends a scruffy dog - which is actually how Hardy came across Woody himself.


He found the stray running across a road while he filming crime drama Lawless.

Cbeebies' Bedtime Stories are broadcast every day at 6.50pm.