Our top 5 most romantic TV moments for the week that's in it 2 weeks ago

Our top 5 most romantic TV moments for the week that's in it

Love is in the air...

Nothing I love more than a good love story. In real life they're fantastic of course but if you don't have a lot going on in your love life it's almost just as fun to watch someone else's love life unfold on TV!


There have been so many standout moments on TV over the years, with some of our favourite characters falling in and out of love. We've almost gone through the heartbreak with them when a relationship ends and I've definitely felt just as excited for them when they start with someone new!

The honeymoon phase isn't as exciting when you're watching it on TV but some of the most romantic moments stick with you for a lifetime. We've put together a little list of some of our favourite and most iconic romantic moments over the years from our favourite TV shows.

They're not in any particular order, it's fair to say when you get to a top five romantic moments it's hard to judge which is the most romantic.

Ross and Rachel in Friends

Let's start with one of my favourite scenes in any show, ever! Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't watched the last series of Friends. When Rachel gets off the plane and surprises Ross in his apt, the "I got off the plane" moment is one of the greatest in all of TV history.

Patrick and David in Schitt's Creek


Next, we've one of the best moments from Schitt's Creek, when Patrick sang Simply The Best to David in the shop during open mic night. It has to be the sweetest moment in the whole series in my opinion, and one of the best versions of this song I've ever heard.

Santana and Brittany in Glee

Another favourite is when Santana proposed to Brittany in Glee, it was one of the most special moments in the whole series. My favourite line from the proposal is when Santana says "some people love someone because they make them a better person, and that's not why I love you because you've always just wanted me to be myself", the best line ever!


Seth and Summer in The O.C.

We're going a few years back with this next moment from The O.C. when Seth and Summer were obsessed with eachother and we were obsessed with them! The infamous Spiderman kiss between these two had to be in our top 5, it was all anyone could talk about at the time.

Pacey and Joey in Dawson's Creek


And the last in our top five is from another classic TV show, Dawson's Creek, when Joey realises Pacey is really in love with her and they have a gorgeous moment dancing together when he remembers something really special that she told him months before and he says "I remember everything".... swoon!