The verrrry interesting reason why sex scenes aren't being shown on Love Island 4 years ago

The verrrry interesting reason why sex scenes aren't being shown on Love Island

There's a very interesting reason why a lot of sex scenes aren't being shown on Love Island this year.

And no, it's not just because people aren't doing as much riding. They are. They definitely are.


Apparently, all of the sex is happening in the villa regularly enough, but producers don't include the scenes in the show if the contestants don't explicitly talk about what went down.

So, for example, if Dr Alex was to have sex with Alexandra in the Hideaway (unlikely, let's be honest), and the two of them decided that they didn't want to speak to the other islanders about what happened, then the public wouldn't be shown what happened either.

Similarly, if Wes and Megan decided they wanted to have a threesome with new Laura in the pool and instantly give everyone else the lowdown on what went on, then that scene would be included in the show.


Make sense? It should.

The Sun reports an insider told them:

“Producers had a rule this year that meant unless the islanders talk about the sex they won’t show it on screen.

“So like with the Do Bits Society, if they talk about it they show it. But if they don’t, then it won’t make the cut. It’s pretty respectful and some of the cast have been using it to their full advantage."

Makes sense, we guess.


Though this is reality TV and the idea that certain aspects of 'reality' are being left out is not the way things usually go in these cases, but sure if contestants aren't happy with footage of them genuinely riding being shown on TV then that is absolutely fair enough.

This comes after Love Island producers were accused of purposefully cutting Samira and Frankie's time in the Hideaway to make it look like they weren't that into each other.

Samira, however, later confirmed that the storyline wasn't included because it wouldn't make sense for the rest of the show.


According to her, producers sometimes need to choose between whether to air fights in the villa, or sex in the villa.

Apparently, both cannot exist in tandem with each other which is very unfortunate because all the general public care about is fighting and riding.

Good bunch of lads, clearly.