Viewers divided after Ireland's Eurovision entry performs 'revamped' song on Late Late show 1 year ago

Viewers divided after Ireland's Eurovision entry performs 'revamped' song on Late Late show

"A national treasure."

The Late Late Show viewers had their say last night after Ireland's upcoming Eurovision star Brooke Scullion performed her entry song for the competition.


The Derry native sat down for a chat with Ryan Tubridy before singing her song 'That's Rich' live.

She admitted that she had received some criticism for the song in the past, so listened to what people had to say and worked on it a bit more.

"I had to revamp it, I had to listen to everyone else," she said.


"I didn't know if I was going to get through so I had to listen to the people and see what was actually needed to give it that boost to bring it to Eurovision.

"I know Ireland has a massive history with the Eurovision and for me, my main goal at this rate is qualifying.

"To even get us back in the way of competing again would be my goal."


Given Ryan's recent run-in with a certain Derry Girl, viewers were left in stitches when he asked Brooke about her job before being a singer - to which she replied, "These are the worst questions you could have asked me!"

People took to Twitter to share their opinions on the entry song, with many praising Brooke for her "incredible" performance.

"I haven't been this proud of our Eurovision entry in so long I love Brooke Scullion so much, our national treasure," one person said.


"Your vocal keeps on getting better and better with every performance, can't wait to see what's in store," a second added.

Others said that they preferred the original version of the song, before pressure from critics meant she revamped it.

"I so missed your dance tonight... so original and cute... it won for you before, so why change it?"

Meanwhile, another person said: "Kinda hoped they'd done something a little bit extra with our Eurovision song since the national song contest - add a bit of oomph or something. Nope. Nada."