Virgin River fans have a brand new theory about Charmaine's babies 2 weeks ago

Virgin River fans have a brand new theory about Charmaine's babies

*Warning: Major spoilers ahead*

If you have not spent the weekend binge-watching season 4 of Virgin River like the rest of us, look away now!


The fourth instalment of the popular Netflix drama dropped late last week, and fans had been waiting a year to find out what the heck happened to Preacher, who is the father of Mel's baby, what is happening with Brie and Brady – and everyone else in the charming, rural north California town.

However, what we had not expected was the bombshell Charmaine will drop on Jack in the final episode of season 4 – that he isn't the father of the twins, and she’s known all along.

So, who is the dad? And why has she been pretending it's Jack all this time?

While there are multiple theories floating around, there’s evidence that points to that it could, in fact, be Mike.


Cast your mind back to the very first season of Virgin River, when Charmaine tells Jack that she’s pregnant with his babies.

As you remember, the on-again-off-again couple were never all that committed, and as they are no longer together, Jack was very taken aback when Charmaine breaks the news to him – especially as he was already at that point starting to fall in love with newbie-in-town, Mel.

However, as shocked as Jack was, when he relays the information to Mike, he is equally stunned.


At the time, this didn’t really seem like a big deal. But now, can we all admit it seems a little suspicious? Could it be that perhaps Mike’s over-the-top reaction has nothing to do with Jack and everything to do with a secret affair he had with Charmaine?

Mike is, of course, a former Marine (like Jack), who now works as an investigator in Virgin River. His main job at present is to investigate Calvin, the small town’s drug lord. In the aftermath of Jack being shot at the end of season 2, Mike becomes the lead investigator in this case, and wrongly thinks Brady is responsible.

However, as fans will see in season 4, the investigator – who many fans seem to think is a little bit shady – teams up with Brie (Jack's sister and Brady's girlfriend) to try to prove Brady had nothing to do with Jack's shooting, but was, in fact, set up to take the blame for the crime.



So much drama for one little town!

Did you watch season 4 yet? What do you think?