The voting figures for the Love Island final have been released 1 year ago

The voting figures for the Love Island final have been released

Can we get a drum roll please?

The results are officially in, well the official results, and we know exactly what proportion of the public voted for certain couples in this year's Love Island.


We all had our favourites to win, and when some people's favourites didn't win, we were left scratching our heads wondering who didn't vote for them.

Of course, we found out Millie and Liam won the series, with Toby and Chloe placing second, Faye and Teddy coming in third and Kaz and Tyler coming in fourth.

Viewers had mixed opinions on the two crowned the winners, but according to the stats, it couldn't have been more obvious that Millie and Liam would be taking home the £50k.


Taking in almost half of all the votes from the Love Island app, Millie and Liam gained a whopping 42.02% of the overall vote.

Chloe and Toby were the next highest with 30.85%, Fay and Teddy racked up 14.85% of the vote while Kaz and Tyler managed to get 12.27% of the overall vote.

The now boyfriend and girlfriend Millie and Liam decided to split the £50k prize and are currently heading back to the UK with a nice addition to their bank accounts.


Millie has also taken to her own Instagram account to thank fans at home for voting for her and Liam, saying they had the "summer of their lives", along with a selfie of the two on the plane home.

She wrote: "Just like that, I present to you the Love Island 2021 winners, Millie & Liam. Thank you so much for all the support over the past 8 weeks, we couldn’t have done this without all of you, you have shown love & support and taken them to the end. I’m signing off, the next post will be from Millie. What a journey, love you all."