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WATCH: Brian Gleeson And Mad Men's Jessica Paré Star In New Romantic Comedy 'Standby'
The film will be released on Friday November 14th.

Mad Men's Jessica Paré and Irish actor Brian Gleeson star in new romantic comedy Standby, which will be released this November.

Twenty-something Alan (Gleeson) is down on his luck. Stood up at the altar and recently fired from his banking job, he finds himself working with his mother as a part-time tourist advisor at Dublin Airport. It’s there he comes face to face with first love Alice (Paré), stuck on standby for a flight home to New York.

Their summer romance ended eight years previously with Alan promising to return to the US one day. He never did, and they haven’t spoken since. Seizing his chance, Alan convinces a reluctant Alice to stay one more night in Dublin.

Directed by brothers Rob and Ronan Burke and written by Pierce Ryan, the film is out on Friday November 14th.

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