WATCH: Jennifer Aniston surprises Friends fans at Central Perk 1 year ago

WATCH: Jennifer Aniston surprises Friends fans at Central Perk

An icon, through and through.

Jennifer Aniston has been killing it a fair amount lately.


She's been bagging awards for her performance on The Morning Show. She's been hanging out with ex Brad Pitt. 

She's also been whipping up a frenzy about a potential Friends reunion, which is apparently in the works, but also nothing has been confirmed, so honestly who knows at this point.

Irrespective of this, the obsession around Friends continues on.

So much, so that hundreds of people per day are still visiting the Friends set to have a swell time hanging out in Central Perk, checking our Monica's apartment, and being there for you, etc.

And although we're fairly certain that attending the Friends set is entertaining enough on its own, it would be even more entertaining if one of the actual stars of the show was there too, surely.

Jennifer Aniston, for instance.


So, the former Rachel Green actor decided to do some Friends fans a solid recently and literally surprise them on the set one day.

While standing in for Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show this week, Aniston hit up Central Perk and scared a few fans while they revealed their favourite characters from the show.

Unsurprisingly, the ones who said Ross got the biggest shock.

You can check out the full clip below: