WATCH: Love Island has shared the first look at the winter series 9 months ago

WATCH: Love Island has shared the first look at the winter series

There's not long left to go now.

In case you haven't heard, Love Island is going to be back on our telly screens in a few weeks - this time, for a winter series.

Yes, in just a few short weeks we're going to be back in a new villa, watching a new bunch of singletons have countless conversations about cracking on, uncoupling, recouping and putting all your eggs in someone's basket.

And we are more than ready for it to keep us entertained in the cold and wintry weeks ahead.

Which is why we were particularly excited when we saw that ITV had released the first teaser for the new series - there's not long left to go now (or so we hope, anyways).

The short (and we mean very short) clip showed the reflection of a plane flying in someone's aviator sunglasses.

It then shows the banner attached to the plane, which reads 'do one, winter' and is written in the typical Love Island font.

The teaser comes a few days after it was reported that the Love Island Christmas reunion for the summer series had been cancelled.

"The cast don’t think there are any plans for a Christmas reunion like last year, but they haven’t been given a straight answer," A source told OK! Magazine

You can read more about that here.