WATCH: Paul Mescal stars in new Rolling Stones' music video 'Scarlet' 1 month ago

WATCH: Paul Mescal stars in new Rolling Stones' music video 'Scarlet'

The scenes we deserve of a Friday.

It's here and it's perfect - the new Rolling Stones music video starring the wonderful Paul Mescal has finally arrived and it's just as chaotic as you'd imagine.

We're talking drunk dancing, we're talking lip syncing, we're talking bombin' it around a vacant hotel with a rose in his mouth while the band's latest track 'Scarlet' plays.

"I'm a little bit drunk, I'm very sorry," admits Paul in the beginning of the video, before lashing the new track on his laptop and proceeding to dance around his hotel room, smoke cigarettes, and simultaneously look quite content and intensely stressed out.

At the end of his jaunt around the hotel, Mescal returns to his room and seemingly passes out - blatantly tired out from all of the drinking, gyrating, and pining for the elusive Scarlet.

It's a good video, it's worth a watch, and it's probably going to rack up a significant amount of views considering its subject.

Well played, Rolling Stones. Well played.

Mescal shared the video himself upon its release saying: "Mum this is all a bit mad."

His actual mum then responded, giving a classic mam reply: "Just a bit... But boy it's the best kinda crazy... Enjoy the ride."

Excellent scenes.

You can check out the full video for 'Scarlet' starring Paul Mescal in all its glory here: