WATCH: Sneak peak of Paul Mescal in latest Rolling Stones' music video 1 month ago

WATCH: Sneak peak of Paul Mescal in latest Rolling Stones' music video

The boy's talents know no bounds.

Paul Mescal is everywhere these days.

He's on your telly. He's on your Instagram. He's all over the news getting nominated for an Emmy (and deservedly so). 

He's even in London's Natural History Museum singing a few tunes alongside Dermot Kennedy because of course he is.

And now it appears as though the world of rock 'n' roll isn't even safe from Mescal, as the Kildare native is officially set to appear in a new music video from the actual Rolling Stones.

Yes, really. No, this is not a drill. Yes, you have permission to get excited.


Mescal will be joining the band in the video for their latest release, 'Scarlet.'  The video is set to be released at 7pm Irish time on Thursday, August 6 (with a special introduction from Paul and Mick Jagger, nonetheless).

But until then, we'll simply have to make do with a little sneak peak of what's to come. And when I say little, I mean little.

The sneak peak depicts Mescal bumbling towards the camera in a hotel room, sipping on a glass of what can only presumed to be a fine whiskey, and mumbling something about being fine while a jaunty tune plays in the background.

Lots to look forward to, so.

You can check out the, eh, detailed and extended sneak peak of the music video below.

(Just kidding, it's literally two seconds long. Enjoy.)