Well that final episode of You was a lot, wasn't it? 1 year ago

Well that final episode of You was a lot, wasn't it?

Can I get a collective 'Jesus fecking Christ'?

Spoilers for You season three, obviously. 


You is back on Netflix, and it's just as wild as ever. Season three of the immensely popular series landed on the streaming platform last week, and if you haven't already binged the entire thing, please stop reading now.

Or continue if you don't mind quite intense spoilers. Up to yourself.

In the latest instalment of the drama (if we could call it that), Joe and Love are living it up in the 'burbs with their new baby boy Henry. But in true You fashion, Joe's mind is elsewhere, with someone else, who he steadily becomes obsessed with as the season trundles on.


Love's appetite for murder also becomes insatiable this season as she pretty much kills anyone and everyone in her way, leaving Joe to clean up her messes. Like, literally clean them - the man disposes of so many bodies this time around and half of them aren't even his.

The couple make a fairly good team... that is until Joe decides that maybe Love isn't the one for him after all and makes the decision to kill her. Wouldn't be like him. 

To make the crime scene play to his favour as much as possible, he makes a couple of changes. He bakes a pie, he places a needle in Love's hand, he sets fire to the kitchen, and he cuts off two of his own toes with a meat cleaver while Taylor Swift's Exile plays in the background.


Yep, he sure does. And then he places those toes inside of the pie to make it look like Love was baking up a Joe-flavoured meal for the entire family to enjoy.

Joe then hobbles on out of there and makes his way to Paris (????) where he begins his quest to locate Marianne, a woman who he worked with in the library. Again, wouldn't be like him.

The entire chain is events is fairly wild and fans of the series have been expressing their intense disgust regarding, you guessed it, the toe chopping scene. It's fairly visceral, in fairness.


Viewers may have been revolted by the scene, but what they weren't disgusted by was the news that You had been renewed for a fourth season. 

Before season three had even landed on our screens, Netflix confirmed that the show would be back for more in the near future.

And while it's not known exactly what Joe will be getting up to next season, it's pretty certain that he'll be hobbling around doing it.