Lillie, Millie and Liam reunite on Love Island reunion 1 year ago

Lillie, Millie and Liam reunite on Love Island reunion

Bound to happen.

From start to finish, this year's Love Island reunion was an awkward affair, with Liberty and Jake ending it for good and him pulling a sickie, but there was one moment that stood out above all.


Winners Liam and Millie were brought up to be interviewed by Laura Whitmore when Liam's stint in Casa Amor was the big topic of conversation.

Fans (and us) couldn't cope when Liam's former fling Lillie appeared, and decided to tell the pair that they are a "picture perfect couple" - which they are.

Millie was shown the moment she discovered that Lillie and Liam had kissed, and Liam told Lillie: "You're a nice person, I'm a nice person. We can be friends, how’s that?"


"Maybe a few tequila shots we’ll get there," Lillie joked, before Millie, after sitting in complete silence, mumbled, "Or 100."

Lillie claimed that might be a "bit far", which is fair enough.

Fans watching declared the reunion as awkward due to the reuniting of certain couples (and ex couples), while the show was also criticised for a number of technical glitches.

Liberty had to be handed a microphone as she was interviewed and the slideshow of memes was cut short after three tweets. Laura herself even said during Aaron and Mary's interview how awkward the special had been.


Shannon, the first islander to be dumped from this year's series, even took her Instagram to vent about the show, saying: "That was a f**king waste of time."