Excited! It looks like we're getting a Sweet Home Alabama 2 2 years ago

Excited! It looks like we're getting a Sweet Home Alabama 2

Please let this happen!

We love a bit of good news on a Wednesday!


So, we already know that the wonderful Elle Woods will be returning to the big screen soon.


But while we're talking about famous Reese Witherspoon characters... what about Sweet Home Alabama?

Well, we might be seeing a sequel  very soon!

sweet home alabama 2

Both Reese Witherspoon, and her co-star Josh Lucas, have expressed an interest in giving Sweet Home Alabama a second go.

Holy moly.


Josh, who played Jake Perry in the 2002 CLASSIC, has even reached out to Reese to get the ball rolling.

"I’ve even reached out to Reese, and I know Reese has said as well — it’s an iconic film," he revealed during an Access Live appearance yesterday.

"I would love [a sequel] because I would love to see where these characters ended up or where they are at this point in their lives."

We stand with you Josh!

sweet home alabama 2


Oh, and he also gave his thoughts on what the sequel storyline should be...

"I kind of love the idea that they have actually divorced and been divorced for a while and he wants her back.”

“Kind of to realise what he’s lost again and that the kids even, that their lives have separated in some ways, and I think that’s sort of the magic of that story is that there’s an eternal love there... That bond that they have."

"Even when they’re apart, there’s something connected about the two of them. And that they’ve had it since they were little kids."

Reese has toyed with the idea of a sequel before, remember?

Back in 2016 during a Facebook live she said: “If Disney wants to call me, I would happily make a Sweet Home Alabama 2!"


We'll be waiting...