What Ever Became of The Sex and The City Boyfriends? 5 years ago

What Ever Became of The Sex and The City Boyfriends?

The hype surrounding a possible third Sex and The City movie has been an emotional roller coaster, but it did inspire us to dig out the boxsets and start from the beginning again. (Any excuse!) 

It's been a whopping 17 years since the first season of SATC debuted and we first met Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte.


It's fair to say that the girls had a conveyor belt of boyfriends but if you've ever wondered what happened to all the poor chaps, Cosmopolitan has gone to the trouble of tracking some of them down.

Here are our favourites...

1. Bradley Cooper - Jake, 'They Shoot Single People, Don't They?' 

Then: This is the episode of the infamous "Single and Fabulous?" magazine cover. Carrie hooks up with the hot, young and single Jake to make herself feel better but the night takes a turn for the worse when he spots the magazine and starts to question her.

Jake They Shoot Single People Don't They

Now: It's Bradley Cooper. Need we say more? With three Best Actor Oscar nominations to his name, it's fair to say he's doing alright for himself.


Bradley Cooper 2


2. Nick Scotti - Joe, 'Cover Girl' 

Then: Remember the one big fight that Carrie and Samantha had over Carrie being judgemental? Yeah, it was all because of this delivery guy, Jack. Samantha was tending to his "package" in her office when Carrie walked in at an unfortunate time.

Screenshot 2015-05-14 13.03.16


Now: Nick's film credits include Bullet and Detroit Rock City. He also did a stint on The Young and The Restless. After his appearance on SATC, he hosted a cooking, fashion, and lifestyle show on The Style Network titled New York Nick. However, he last worked in showbiz in 2006 and is now an artist. He explains his career change on his website, saying: "I needed to express myself."

Screenshot 2015-05-14 13.10.07


3. Justin Theroux - Vaughan, 'Shortcomings' 


Then: One of Carrie's more short-lived relationships. She got on like a house on fire with his family but poor oul Vaughan had a problem in the bedroom that she just couldn't overlook... let's just say his excitement was a bit "premature."

Justin Theroux

Now: Justin carved out a successful acting career for himself in movies like Zoolander and more recently Tropic ThunderHe has also successfully turned his hand to screenwriting with credits like Rock of Ages and Iron Man 2. On top of all that, he's engaged to Jennifer Aniston. Is it just us, or has he gotten a lot hotter with age?

Screenshot 2015-05-14 16.15.21



4. Will Arnett - Jack, 'La Douleur Exquise' 

Then: Remember the guy Miranda dated who had a penchant for doing it in public? And then there's that soul-destroying moment when his mum walks in on them at it and he doesn't seem to care? Yeah, that was Will Arnett.

Will Arnett Sex and The City

Now: We were actually really shocked at this one. Will is one of the busiest comedic actors around, best known for his roles in Arrested Development and 30 Rock. He has also starred in films like Monster-in-Law and Blades of Glory. 

Will Arnett 2


5. Timothy Olyphant - Sam, 'Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys' 

Then: This is one of the poor souls that ended up in Carrie's path when she was on the rebound from Big (again). In an effort to recapture her youth, Carrie cavorted with twenty-something Sam and had a lot of fun, until she woke up in his twenty-something apartment. There was no toilet paper or coffee filters. (We can't decide which is worse.)

Timothy Olyphant


Now: Fans of The Mindy Project may remember Timothy as the major hottie Graham in the 'Sk8er Man' episode. He has also had roles on The Office and Samantha Who but is probably best known as Raylan Givens in Justified. 

Timothy Olyphant The Mindy Project