Would You Sign Up For This Netflix Dating App? 6 years ago

Would You Sign Up For This Netflix Dating App?

As if we needed one more excuse to binge-watch our favourite shows…

For those singletons who love a good Netflix marathon but feel the guilt for staying in on a Saturday night, this new dating app is the answer to your prayers.


My Show Mate is the app that helps you hook up with a potential love interest who shares the exact same amazing taste in TV shows that you do.

Love Peep Show or The Walking Dead?

Now you can find other potential love matches in your area who also think a night in bed with your laptop and jar of Nutella sounds epic. (Don’t judge, it’s our thing)

Currently being developed by Angela Manfredi, all you have to do is mark off your favourite programmes and other telly obsessive singletons in your location who match your viewing habits can have the chance to catch up.

Queue hilarious quotes, long appreciative conversations on your clearly amazing conspiracy theories, or you know, regular chat.

Speaking about her app idea, Angela says:

“I want to meet a great guy with common interests. I don’t climb, I don’t bike and my idea of breaking a sweat is watching the season finale of Homeland.”


Angela is now fundraising to get her app up and running over on Kickstarter.

Here’s hoping an investor with a Netflix obsession recently watched Jerry Maguire.