#SocialDistancing: 6 films and TV shows about quarantine that'll make you feel better about your current situation 1 year ago

#SocialDistancing: 6 films and TV shows about quarantine that'll make you feel better about your current situation

Think you've got it bad? Think again.

Self quarantine can be pretty dire - this we know.


It isn't, however, quite as bad as some other portrayals of quarantine that have presented themselves through pop culture over the years.

So, if you're feeling particularly sorry for yourself, missing your friends, and wishing this was all over  - same - but just think: it could be a whole lot worse than just being asked to stay indoors.

1. Rec

Just like Quarantine, but better.

We simply must count ourselves lucky that although, yes, we may be stuck inside our homes, we are not stuck inside an apartment block that also houses a demon.

We also don't have to record our every move on dodgy handheld cameras.

Every silver lining, etc.


2. 28 Days Later

A classic - and 100 times worse than anything you are experiencing in your home right now.

Have you been chased by really fast zombies? Have you recently experienced the untimely death of Brendan Gleeson? Are you also hanging out with a confused Cillian Murphy?

Alright, that last one wouldn't be all that bad but the rest of it? Nah, keep it mate. We'll stick to our Netflix Parties and incessant hand washing.



Desmond didn't leave the hatch for three years, guys. Three years.

Trapped down there believing that he had to press a button every 108 minutes if he wanted to save the world, he had a pretty rough go of it.


Rougher than you are currently having ordering takeaway and rewatching Gilmore Girls, let me tell you.

4. The Happening

A chronic movie, but a less than ideal quarantine scenario all the same.


After the world (or the US, whichever) is affected by an airborne neurotoxin that causes anybody exposed to it to want to kill themselves, Mark Wahlberg, Zooey Deschanel et al spend a good bit of time inside ensuring their own safety.

And ensure it they do. We could take a leaf out of their book, in fairness.

5. Containment 

A section of Atlanta finds itself under quarantine after a man starts to spread a highly contagious virus.

Alright, yeah, that does sound suspiciously similar to what we're dealing with right this second, but listen, the infected are in far worse shape than a lot of us are currently as we sit at home and watch our eighth movie of the day.

6. Contagion 

Unlike in this movie, Gwyneth Paltrow was not the cause of the coronavirus. As far as we know.