11 thoughts I had while watching the trailer for The Goop Lab on Netflix 3 years ago

11 thoughts I had while watching the trailer for The Goop Lab on Netflix

"So what happens in the workshop?" "Everybody gets off."

Sounds great, doesn't it? Ideal. Divine. Optimal.


A scenario where everybody gets some, women feel empowered, and the most basic and fundamental advice of gynaecologists are heeded in their entirety.

Well, the former, in this case, anyway. One out of three ain't bad.

the goop lab (yes, it is stylised all lowercase) is Netflix's upcoming documentary all about the weird and perhaps not so wonderful practices that Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle brand Goop has built its infamy on.

The six episode will dive deep (get it? Like a vagina) into a collection of "boundary pushing" wellness areas including energy healing, psychedelics, female pleasure, and anti-ageing.


You know, all the good stuff.

Here's the promo image, which truly does speak for itself:

Get it? Like a vagina.


And here's a comprehensive list of thoughts (11) I had while watching the official trailer, which can of course be found below.

1. Why?

2. Why is everyone engaging in orgasm yoga in a sterile converted warehouse?

3. What does Gwyneth Paltrow know that we don't?


4. If this is "dangerous" and "unregulated" then why are you encouraging people to do it, Gwyneth?

5. This woman does not appear to know the difference between an orgasm and an exorcism and that's fine?

6. "She knew something that my husband didn't even know" - well maybe he should have known, Cassandra. Maybe you guys need to educate each other on pleasure.

7. Examining your own vagina is a pretty positive thing to do. OK cool, fairly on board with this.


8. Oh, now they're all propelling themselves into freezing water for the purposes "cold therapy."

9. Never mind.

10. Is there are a reason why Netflix are peddling the questionable agenda of a lifestyle brand that actively encourages women to steam their vaginas to cleanse themselves, or what?

11. Why is this a thing?

the goop lab is streaming on Netflix from January 24.

You can check out the full trailer, if you're any way that inclined, here: