Young Offenders stars confirm there are 'possibilities' of another film being made 9 months ago

Young Offenders stars confirm there are 'possibilities' of another film being made

Season 3 is coming and The Young Offenders 2 is on the cards. Bring it on!

While most fans of The Young Offenders are eagerly awaiting Roy Keane's cameo in the upcoming episode, the good news keeps on coming because Season 3 is definitely happening.

In fact, audiences might not have long to wait to see the next season because the episodes for Season 3 were filmed back-to-back with Season 2. Yep, they're already in the can.

This being said, there are still three wonderful episodes in the second season to get stuck into and during a recent interview on The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show, Shane Casey (Billy Murphy) and Dominic MacHale (Sergeant Healy) chatted a bit about the future of The Young Offenders.

As fans will know, we first met Conor (Alex Murphy) and Jock (Chris Walley) in the 2016 film when the lads had to cycle 160km on stolen bikes while being pursued by police as they went in search of a missing bale of cocaine worth 7 million euro.

Since then, Peter Foott's creation has become a bonafide hit around the world - The Young Offenders being added to the Netflix library really helped - and this all culminated when the BBC and RTÉ decided to collaborate on the TV show.

Well, during their recent interview, Casey and MacHale were directly asked about the potential of another Young Offenders film being made.

"It would be good craic, wouldn't it? There are certain elements in Season 3 - which is now confirmed - that there are possibilities of things happening alright," said Casey.

"I think so, I think so," said McHale when asked about the chances of seeing The Young Offenders back on the big screen.

Again, nothing official has been confirmed but it's a very positive sign that the filmmakers are already thinking beyond Season 3...and thinking bigger!

The Young Offenders 2? Here's hoping that this happens.

As for the immediate future of the TV show, the next episode of The Young Offenders can be seen at 10pm on RTÉ2 on 2 December.

Take a look at what's in store.

For anyone that wants a bit more information about Cork's most lovable langers, here's Hilary Rose (Mairead) and PJ Gallagher (Principal Barry Walsh) chatting about some of the Season 2 highlights and why they want to see even more of The Young Offenders.