A lesbian couple in Kildare resign from church choir following offensive text from church activist 6 years ago

A lesbian couple in Kildare resign from church choir following offensive text from church activist

A same-sex couple in Kildare has been left feeling upset and ostracized following a grossly insensitive text from a church activist.

Jacinta O'Donnell and Geraldine Flanagan shared their story on Kildare FM yesterday. The recently married couple said they have been involved in the St Michael's church choir in Athy, Co Kildare, for years.


They are both involved in the adult and children’s choir and were baffled and gravely offended to receive a text from a church activist asking them to “do the right thing” and cease their involvement.

The couple say that although the clergy haven’t been involved, they fear demonstrations would be held if they refuse.

"We felt the ordinary people who were just going along to their weekly mass didn't need to be subjected to this," Jacinta told Kildare FM.

"We thought we were going to slip away quietly in the background, that was our intention, as hurtful as it may have been.”


"Geraldine and I have only wanted to provide a music ministry to enhance the Eucharist and bringing this trouble to the church door would be futile.”

"We met with the adult choir because we felt they needed to be told the truth of the situation."

The offensive text was sent by Anthony Murphy who defended the text.

"The way the choir operates in Athy, Jacinta and Geraldine are positioned on the altar in the sanctuary, on a stage almost, sharing the stage with the parish priest," he said.


"You cannot have a contradiction where the church teaches one thing, and people ... right next to the Blessed Sacrament, contradict all of that teaching.”

"Nobody is trying to exclude Jacinta or Geraldine from the church. I'm certainly not doing that. This is about leadership positions within the church."

The local parish priest has refrained from comment but has stated that he has met with the couple individually and is a supporter of them.