Boy Shunned From School After His Hands Grow Larger Than His Head 6 years ago

Boy Shunned From School After His Hands Grow Larger Than His Head

An eight-year old Indian boy has been shunned from school after a genetic deformity means his hands have grown to giant proportions.

Kaleem’s hands grew to 13 inches from the end of his middle finger to the base of his palm, weight in at 1.2 stones each. The boy has also been bullied so much in school he is frightened of returning to class.

Speaking to, Kaleem said:

“I do not go to school because the teacher says other kids are scared of my hands.

“Many of them used to bully me for my deformity. They would say “let’s beat up the kid with the large hands”. Some of them have actually beaten me and would go after me often.

“I find it difficult to put on my clothes, button my shirt and pull up my pants.”


Kaleem, who now struggles to tie his shoelaces, wash or feed himself, was born with slightly bigger hands than normal.

His parents who earn £15 a month through father Shamim’s job as a labourer, haves struggled to help their son, with mother Haleema saying:

“When Kaleem was born his hand was twice the size of a normal baby’s. His hands were big and his fingers were long. Initially his fists were small but they began to grow large as well and his fingers also kept growing.

“We want to take him to the hospital but there have been times when money has been so low that my wife has been forced to go begging.”

Apart from his hands, Kaleen is otherwise healthy.

Although the cause of the deformity is unknown, a local doctor believes it could be either lymphangioma or hamartoma.

Video/ Images via Metro UK