Irishman's Plea To Change Our Drinking Culture Is Going Viral 5 years ago

Irishman's Plea To Change Our Drinking Culture Is Going Viral

Photos Courtesy of Patrick Mungovan

St. Patrick's Day is a day where the Irish at home and abroad celebrate their nationality, and generally have a good time.


However, Ireland's hard-drinking reputation has some very serious consequences.

Patrick Mungovan from Co. Clare got in touch with us to share his Facebook post about the tragic death of his twin brother Stephen at the young age of 20.

Stephen's body was found last October after he accidentally fell from a cliff on his way home from a night out with friends.

"We live in a country where drinking to a stage that we don't know where we are has become the normal thing to do and it is getting out of hand. I have seen various photos and statuses praising the Irish for their drinking, I think that should shame us as a country to believe it's funny and true."

Patrick's story is a sad and important one, and a reminder to all of us that alcohol abuse can have horrendous effects on families, health and relationships.

Read his powerful status below:


After being around the town for St Patrick's Day, i saw people arguing and fighting. This all leads down to one thing......

Posted by Patrick Mungovan on Friday, 18 March 2016