Meet the New Baby! Goes Live 8 years ago

Meet the New Baby! Goes Live

Today is an exciting day in Maximum Media Towers, as we introduce our brand new sister site.

From the company behind, and comes, a new lifestyle and parenting website unlike any that has gone before.

Advertisement Editor Sive O'Brien and her trusty team of journalists will be on hand around the clock to offer parents and parents-to-be realistic advice, news, tips and tricks, wrapped up in wit and wisdom.

Whether it's how to get back some of your precious sleep, when to ask for help or what's in the headlines, will be your daily dose of news and entertainment.


A crack team of experts will offer non-judgemental insights into health, sleep, fertility, sex, nutrition, beauty, style and the working mum.


We know there's no such thing as the perfect parent, so will speak to you, not at you, with no judgement.

As with, and, has been built on the overwhelming importance of social and mobile, with a super-fast site, crisp, mobile-first design and a thriving social media community.

Look out for our new site on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and join our social media community.

As Editor Sive O'Brien puts it: "We believe bringing up babies, future leaders, culture makers and house breakers can be an overwhelming concept, so while you’re busy shaping the way the world will look in years to come, whilst helping with homework, coping with sanity issues (for you and them) and belting out a few chorus lines from ‘Let it go,’ we’ll be there; supporting you along the bumpy road as you grow, mould and define a generation of little people."


You can check out the new site right here. Enjoy!