Here are the most popular baby names in Northern Ireland 5 months ago

Here are the most popular baby names in Northern Ireland

Some really gorgeous names made the top ten list.

The most popular names for babies in Northern Ireland in 2020 have been released, and there are a few classics in there, as well as some more unique names too.


The Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency compiled the data for the Baby Names 2020 statistics.

James and Grace have been listed as the most popular baby names for boys and girls respectively, and when you look back at the records, that's not terribly surprising.

James has topped the charts for six years in a row, while Grace has held onto the top spot for three years now. Last year saw 190 baby Jameses born and 176 Graces in Northern Ireland.

Coming in at numbers 2 and 3 are James and Jack for the boys, while Emily and Isla follow Grace on the list of most popular girls' names.

Here are the 10 most popular names for boys:

1. James (190)


2. Jack (175)

3. Noah (174)

4. Charlie (169)

5. Oliver (134)

6. Thomas (119)


7. Finn (112)

7. Theo (112)

8. Cillian (111)

8. Harry (111)


And here are the ten most popular names for girls:

1. Grace (176)

2. Emily (146)


3. Isla (144)

4. Fiadh (138)

5. Olivia (133)

6. Sophia (125)

7. Sophie (123)

8. Amelia (115)

9. Lucy (112)

10. Ella (101)

10. Freya (101)

Vogue, Porsche, Nirvana and Harley Quinn were among the more unique names given to girls last year. Arabella, Matilda and Aoibheann, meanwhile, appeared to grow more popular in Northern Ireland.

Celebrity names appeared to inspire many parents of boys, with River, Denzel, Bonnie, Bowie, Jagger and Rocky appearing in the registry.

Senan, Kai and Brody also grew in popularity in Northern Ireland last year.

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