Baby at home? 8 tiny daily parenting wins that forever make our day 3 years ago

Baby at home? 8 tiny daily parenting wins that forever make our day

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Being a mum is flippin' hard.


Especially a first-time mum. Every day is a guessing game. What works? What doesn't? Where is my coffee drip?

Mistakes are usually part of the package and even though you cry about it at the time - you laugh about it later that day once you've removed the mittens from their feet.

Making it all fun and as easy on yourself as possible is the best advice I've been given, so, with this in mind - here are our top parenting wins when you have a baba at home.

  1. Bathe them at the same time - they will have fun, learn to share and get clean, all simultaneously. Win-win.
  2. Learn the expert nappy-check. Most babies' nappies have a colour line that changes from orange to blue when wet. Just look for this colour line to see if your little one has had an accident without you having to undo the whole nappy. Saves so much time.
  3. If your baby is teething and having a rough time of it, fill the nipple of their soother with water and then freeze it. The cold nib will sooth their sore gums.
  4. Dress them up in silly clothes. You really only have a few months where you can go crazy with their outfits, make the most of it. You'll have a laugh and get a few priceless photos.
  5. If you've got a little baby boy who has a habit of peeing as soon as you go to change him, swipe a wet wipe under his belly button just before you take off the nappy. This should prompt the same reaction as the open air, meaning he'll do his stuff before the nappy comes off and no pee on mommy or daddy. Life changing.
  6. Stick a hook onto your baby's highchair and keep their bibs on it. No more running around for a clean bib when baby gets hungry.
  7. Forget sleeping when the baby sleeps - take the sweet, sweet peace to cram in as much online celebrity junk your poor brain can take. Then watch Netflix until you pass out.
  8. Finally, don't underestimate the power of a sporadic kitchen disco. Music to the MAX. Baby will be living in this mad house for their entire young life - might as well get them used to it.

It is a crazy haze of fun, fear and crippling tiredness but these little gems will hopefully help a little. And if they don't work - there is always wine. And coffee. And now wine-flavoured coffee.

(We are not joking)

Please drink responsibly. 

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