Triplets plan pregnancies at the same time 3 months ago

Triplets plan pregnancies at the same time

Your sister can be your best friend, your fiercest critic and your agony aunt all rolled into one.

We’ve been through the awkward teenage phase when we over plucked our brows, wore bootcut jeans, leaned on one another through breakups, and were there to celebrate major milestones.


We all know sisters share a unique bond, but these triplets have taken it to another level. 

Triplets Victoria, Gina and Nina from Los Angeles, California have planned their pregnancies at the same time. The siblings are set to give birth to three babies, one girl and two boys, within the next few months. 

According to CBS Los Angeles, Victoria encouraged Gina to do the same when they discovered Nina was pregnant. The triplets are set to give birth in July, August and November. 

The sisters are so organised that they even have their babies names picked out. 

Image: CBS Los Angeles

Gina revealed that she was expecting a daughter, “I’m actually the oldest by four minutes and I’m having a girl and her name is Leighton Grace.”

Nina has picked out the coolest name for her baby boy, “I’m in the middle by four minutes and I’m having a boy and his name is Hendrix Paul.”

The youngest sister Victoria is also expecting a boy, “His name is Zaden Seth,” she revealed.

There’s no doubt Christmas at the triplets’ house is going to be one to remember.