ASOS is selling a Slush Puppie machine so that's frozen cocktails for us all summer 4 years ago

ASOS is selling a Slush Puppie machine so that's frozen cocktails for us all summer

Summer = SORTED.

As the weather is finally getting better, we are getting ALL those summer feels and they're hitting hard. We've spent far too long in winter mode (cheers Ophelia and Emma), and now we are ready for dresses, sandals and spending time outdoors.


And as we gather together a little summer collection of clothing, we are thinking of nabbing up some other "essentials", like this very important and vital Slush Puppie machine from ASOS.

We are ready to become the "hostess with the mostess", thanks to this nifty contraption, gather our friends over for a party in the back garden and dish out frozen strawberry daiquiris until the sun goes down. Gorge.

The machine costs €82.94, so it isn't cheap but think about it mathematically... if you use it 10 times over the entire summer, that roughly works out at €8.20 a use, which is basically the price of a strawberry dacquiri in a bar expect this time you can make a litre and not just one glass again and again. So basically, the saving is pretty vast, which obviously means more money for a hunreal outfit and pizza. Winning.


Want to make the perfect frozen strawberry daiquiri cocktail? Then this recipe from our fave Irish chef, Donal Skehan is what you need.


400g strawberries, frozen
300ml white rum
300ml pressed apple juice
1 tablespoon of caster sugar
A small handful of ice cubes



1. Place the strawberries and ice cubes in a food processor, pour in the apple juice, rum and sprinkle in the sugar.

2. Blitz for about 30 seconds until you get a smooth slushy mixture.

3. Taste a teaspoonful as you may need to add a little more sugar to taste.


4. Serve in frosted cocktail glasses, it’s the only way to enjoy them!

The dream. You can purchase the Slush Puppie Machine here.