21 essential workplace fish puns for National Fish and Chips Day 7 years ago

21 essential workplace fish puns for National Fish and Chips Day

It's National Fish and Chips Day.

Regardless of your interest in fish and chips, it's absolutely essential that you make as many fish puns as possible on this momentous and important day.


Thinking of fish puns is difficult, but luckily I have roughly 45,000 floating around my head at all times.

Please enjoy these fish puns specifically tailored for the workplace environment

1. Cod I borrow you for five minutes?


2. Yes I will dolphinitely have those reports with you by the end of the day.

3. Whale, to be honest, there's a decent chance I'm going to miss that meeting, can we reschedule?

4. We've a big opportunaty coming up to expand our output.



5. Let minnow if you hear back from the board members.

6. Oh for Gods hake that idiot is on the phone again.

7. I'm herring a lot of problems here but not a lot of solutions.

8. When we take this to court, he's definitely going to be found gillty.


9. I'm free any day barramundi.

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10. Come on, stop being so koi and explain how you made that big sale.

11. You need to put your heart and sole into this business or you know where the door is.

12. This isn't rocket science. You don't have to be a brain sturgeon to understand it.


13. I will in my pollocks be hiring that eejit.

14. Salmon else can answer that phone because I'm not.

15. Have you met the new intern? His name's Brine.

Confident businessmen handshaking over workplace in office

16. Cod almighty we need to get these figures up or we're in trouble.

17. There's no point in floundering our resources around for the halibut.

18. Our best bet here is to trawl through the data and try to find a solution.

19. I like the ideas that we're floating but I need to hear something with a bit more porpoise.

20. There's nothing I enjoy more than schooling incompetent employees.

21. Can't wait to get home this evening, relax and watch a few episodes of Tuna Half Men.