M&S is selling couples Colin the Caterpillar cakes this Valentine's Day 2 years ago

M&S is selling couples Colin the Caterpillar cakes this Valentine's Day

If you're single, get ready to feel even more single...

Colin The Caterpillar now has a girlfriend, yes, it's true, even cakes have partners for Valentine's day!


To be honest I'm happy for the little guy, his life so far is all just parties that aren't for him and then he dies a chopped up death. Now he doesn't have to die alone because he has a girlfriend who can enjoy a Valentine's party with him.

M&S is selling a Valentine's Day Colin The Caterpillar Cake which comes with his cute girlfriend Connie!

For anyone looking to spoil their lover with a little cake this might just be the golden ticket, two cakes in love for around the same price as one.


Colin the Caterpillar cakes are the business for any celebration, if you don't celebrate a milestone with one of these are you even happy?!

M&S has called it "the ultimate Valentine's gift" both familiar cakes together in one box to be eaten on the day of love, doesn't get much sweeter than that. Colin and Connie are both decked out in Valentine's Day accessories and topped off with love heart eyes!

The love story of Colin and Connie is that they "met at a party in 2016" and the "lovebirds went on to wed a year later".


After the news was announced M&S said that Colin couldn't hide his excitement telling them "Connie and I live for birthday parties but we have a feeling we're going to LOVE Valentine's Day even more!"

"We're SO excited to celebrate with our fans in their own 'lockdown love cocoons' across the UK!"

Sounds like they love each other to pieces... see what I did there?!

You can get your hands on the caterpillar glovebox now in M&S stores and stuff your face with love on Valentine's Day.