Prosecco popsicle moulds exist, and cheers, we'll take 12 1 year ago

Prosecco popsicle moulds exist, and cheers, we'll take 12

Take all our money.

Starting off the year in lockdown has been a stressful for everyone and I think we're all looking for the silver linings wherever we can find them.


If you need one today then this nifty invention might just brighten your spirits, or you know, your prosecco at least.

Yes that's right, prosecco popsicle molds exist and they are here to make your quarantine that little bit more bearable and we can't add to cart quick enough!


While we may not be able to go out for a prosecco bottomless brunch with the girls just yet, we can treat ourselves to a little prosecco ice pop now that the sun has finally made an appearance.

Called  SOPHISTIPOPS, this fun mold lets you create four champagne or prosecco popsicles at a time.

The mold even includes champagne wine glass stem popsicle sticks for easy access.


Of course you can make other ice pops with the molds like Bellinis or cocktails, or you can skip the alcohol all together and just make yourself a very fancy looking ice pop.

How amazing will it look on your Instagram?



While these are a great way to add a little bit of fun into lockdown, looking forward to when we can all meet up again these would be absolutely perfect for hen parties or baby showers.

There's no reason you can't break them out during lockdown too with a socially distanced picnic with friends, or enjoying one while you go for a walk with your BFF.

Priced at only €11 they are absolutely flying off the shelves at every online store that stocks them but they should be back in stock soon so keep the tab saved.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go Google what cocktails make the best popsicles.