Nespresso has shared the most delicious recipe for a tropical flavoured iced coffee 1 year ago

Nespresso has shared the most delicious recipe for a tropical flavoured iced coffee

Who else has been spending half their salary on iced lattes these past few weeks?



Summer, as far as I am concerned, is iced coffee time, and the only issue is picking them all up from my local coffee shop is putting a sizable dent in my weekly spending budget.

The good news? Nespresso has just solved all that with their new Barista Creations for Ice collection.

Different from their classic coffees, these pods have been expertly crafted for preparation over ice.


So say hello to your very own at-home coffee shop – you are about to impress friends and family – and save a fortune.

Even better? The Barista Creations for Ice has been given an exotic twist this summer, and trust me – it will take your summer iced coffees up a notch.

Nespresso Original

For the Original machines, Nespresso has launched Limited Edition Coconut Flavour over Ice. The coconut flavour balances beautifully with the roasted, caramelly notes of the Latin American Arabica base espresso.


As well as this, Nespresso has also brought back the Original iced coffee blends, Barista Creations Freddo Delicato and Freddo Intenso with the same great taste and all-new sleeve design for summer 2021.

Vertuo machines

Nespresso’s brand-new Limited Edition Tropical Coconut Flavour over Ice is for those looking to bring a tropical twist to their iced coffee. And let's face it, aren't we all?


Even better? The coconut flavour balances beautifully with the roasted, caramelly notes of the coffee blend’s Latin American and African Arabicas.

In addition, Nespresso is also relaunching its popular summer blends, Barista Creations Ice Leggero and Ice Forte.

Must-have at-home coffee accessories

To really make the most of your at-home iced coffee this summer, Nespresso has also added three new Monin syrups, in Vanilla, Tiki and Saffron flavours and trust me, they have transformed my morning coffee.


As well as the syrups, Nespresso has also brought back their popular ice cube tray that comes in a stackable format – so you have ice on hand for every iced coffee moment.


To celebrate Barista Creations for Ice, Nespresso has shared some signature recipes designed for Original and Vertuo systems that will create those summer holiday vibes.

Freddo Intenso Tiki Sparkle for Original will allow drinkers to travel to the tropics in spicy style with this Freddo Intenso recipe exploding with flavours.  To make this by hand, coffee lovers can follow this simple recipe:

  1. Place 1 ice cube (30 g) into a shaker. Extract 40 ml of Barista Creations Freddo Intenso espresso over the ice. Stir and then seal before shaking vigorously.
  2. Place 4 ice cubes (30 g each) into your View recipe glass. Add 10ml of MONIN Tiki Syrup and squeeze in the juice of 1 fresh lime slice. Slap 4-5 basil leaves in your hand and add them to the glass. Pour in 90 ml of ginger beer soda or lemon soda.
  3. Pour in the cold coffee.
  4. Garnish with fresh ginger slices, lime peel, and a basil leaf

Orange Saffron Ice Leggero Latte for Vertuo users is an iced recipe that bring both the velvet and the sparkle for the discerning palate. To make this by hand, follow this simple recipe for a summer drink with a twist:

  1. Place 4 ice cubes (30 g each) into your Vertuo Coffee Mug
  2. Add 10 ml saffron syrup, a fresh orange peel, and 120 ml of milk 1.5% fat
  3. Extract 80 ml of Barista Creations Ice Leggero into the Mug
  4. Garnish with a fresh orange peel

To find out new refreshing ways of enjoying your Nespresso coffees over ice, visit and follow @nespresso on Instagram.


Nespresso’s Barista Creations for Ice will be available to purchase in boutiques and online. For more information on Nespresso’s Barista Creations for Ice, please 

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