If you are not using your air fryer to make avocado fries, you are missing out 3 weeks ago

If you are not using your air fryer to make avocado fries, you are missing out

Warning: These are addictive and your avocado budget is about to blow up.

Got an air fryer sitting on your kitchen counter (or tucked away in the kitchen press) and not quite sure what else to use it for?


Two words: Avocado fries.

To clarify – avocado fries are just what they sound like: strips of avocado that have been breaded (panko breadcrumbs are great as they are extra crunchy) then fried in an air dryer (or baked in the oven). And when they come out, trust me, you are going to be blown away by why you are only hearing out this absolutely addictive snack only now.

A quick Google or Pinterest search will yield tons of recipes, but we have tested this pretty straightforward one from Simplyrecipes.com and is a real winner.


What you need

Some slightly under-ripe avocados (if they are too ripe, they are too soft and will turn to mush)

Panko breadcrumbs (or other breadcrumbs)

Grated parmesan cheese



Cracked black pepper

One large egg or two smaller eggs, just cracked into a bowl and whisked around to blend

How to make avocado fries


Slice your avocados into strips – not too skinny, as they will break when you try to dip them into the egg and breadcrumbs mixture.

Mix the breadcrumbs with some grated parmesan cheese, a pinch of salt and black pepper, keep in one bowl

Add the egg(s) to another bowl

Now simply dip your avocado fries into the egg mixture first, then into the breadcrumb mixture, then put into your air fryer. Repeat until all the 'fries' are done.

What to serve your avocado fries with


Here is the best part – you can pretty much serve these delicious snacks with any dip or sauce you like.

I have tried them with honey and mustard dressing, and another time dipped them in spicy siracha – both were equally delicious. I have seen other bloggers on Pinterest suggest aioli, Ranch dressing, garlic mayo – you name it, your avocado fries will go perfect with it.