Apparently, this is why we're all obsessed with carbs 1 year ago

Apparently, this is why we're all obsessed with carbs

Mmm, carbs.

Sometimes, you just can't turn down a good pizza. Or a bowl of pasta. Or a plate of chips. Or a croissant.

But, as it turns out, some of us are literally obsessed with carbs (well, our taste buds are).

A new study by the University of Deakin claims that when it comes to carbs, we all like different amounts in our diets.

“It is typically sugar, with its hedonically pleasing sweet taste, that is the most sought-after carbohydrate,” professor Russell Keast said.

“But our research has shown that there is a perceivable taste quality elicited by other carbohydrates independent of sweet taste.”

The study, which was published in the journal Nutrition, studied adults over the age of 18 and found that many of us are sensitive to two types of carbs - maltodextrin and oligofructose.

Of the adults who could taste these carbs more, they (obvs) ate them more often as they found them satisfying.

However, those who were sensitive to both kinds, also weighed more to those who weren't.

“We specifically looked at waist measurements, as they are a good measure of the risk of dietary related diseases,” said one researcher Julia Low.

“Those who were most sensitive to the carbohydrate taste ate more of these foods and had a larger waist.”

We're all here for carbs, but as always, if you think you're eating too much, try control your portion sizes and consult with your local doctor to find the right balance.