People cannot get over these 'genius' bananas and yeah, same tbh 4 years ago

People cannot get over these 'genius' bananas and yeah, same tbh

Holy mother of god.

Who among us doesn't love a good banana?


They're delicious. They're healthy. They come in their own cute packaging that is also biodegradable and therefore better than some other foods that need to be bought in plastic and cardboard and stuff.

Great lads altogether.

And they just got even better because a supermarket in Korea has started selling bananas at various levels of ripeness so you can enjoy them throughout the week.

Absolute genius, like.


The bananas are sold in varying levels of ripeness so consumers can enjoy one of them per day and never have their experience compromised.

According to the supermarket where the bananas are being sold, E-Mart, the bananas exist to encourage people in Korea to eat more of them - specifically, one a day.

While most are praising the supermarket for their genius idea, some are critiquing the fact that they are being sold in plastic packaging , thus contributing to the environment's waste problem.

Regardless though, clever enough.